For People with Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes:

Reduce The Symptoms of Your Diabetes

and Avoid Long-Term Complications…

A Comprehensive Training Course For You To

Take CONTROL Of Your Diabetes 

Achieve Healthy Average Blood Sugar Levels 

And Significantly Reduce The Amount Of Insulin You Need

So You Enjoy Better Health In As Little As 12 Weeks!”

If you’re struggling to manage your diabetes and would love to find support and information to help you achieve healthy blood sugar levels, you’re in the right place…

Diabetes health expert

Katherine, your Health Champion


From: Katherine, your Health Champion

            Near London, UK


My name is Katherine, I have type 1 diabetes and I have achieved healthy average blood sugar levels, plus I am enjoying radiant health!  

My mission is to help YOU to do the same by sharing the special approach and proven natural methods I’ve developed…

I provide holistic health education and coaching, as well as health information products and individual and group health coaching programmes.  I am trained in Naturopathic Nutrition with the Nutritional Healing Foundation and  Personal Performance Coaching with The Coaching Academy.

What I’m about to share with you is the ONLY  holistic health course for people with diabetes (as far as I know) that gives you practical, ongoing guidance and support on how to achieve healthy blood sugar levels and become radiantly healthy, covering physical, mental and emotional aspects, which you can do from the comfort of your own home. 

Let me explain…

I have type 1 diabetes and I have managed to achieve healthy average blood sugar levels (an HbA1c of less than 6.5%) through natural methods and having a healthy lifestyle, plus I am radiantly healthy.

So I know what it’s like to live with diabetes and how to manage it, including using insulin with injections and with an insulin pump.

And now I can help you to improve how you manage your blood sugar levels and achieve healthy, stable blood sugar levels and be free of worrying about getting long term complications.

If you have type 1 diabetes, with my methods, you can significantly reduce the amount of hypos you have and reduce the risk of having DKA, so you will be much less likely to have to go to hospital in an emergency.

You will also be able to reduce the amount of insulin you need, possibly by as much as half, depending on your starting point.  It is even possible for some people with type 1 to come off insulin and even to be considered medically as no longer having diabetes, and I’ll show you how, using the most effective methods I’ve discovered, with case studies.

If You Have Type 2 Diabetes, I Can Also Show
You How Get Off Medications and Even To REVERSE The Diabetes.

As someone with diabetes, especially if you are on insulin, you’ll know how managing blood sugar levels can be a roller-coaster ride….

  • Sometimes they’re too high and you correct,
  • Other times you have too much insulin or other medicine for the amount of carbohydrates and exercise you are having and your blood sugar levels go too low, resulting in a hypo.
  • Then you eat lots of sweet things and longer acting carbohydrates to bring your blood sugar up and go too high again.
  • You can feel terrible when having a hypo – shaking and adrenalin rushing through your body and as though you’ve had a big fright.
  • It may take half an hour to recover, when you can’t really do anything else.  When your blood sugar goes too high, you don’t generally notice unless it is very high and then you could feel irritable or just a bit weird.

You can feel weighed down by the diabetes, with no end in sight …

  • Plus, particularly if you have type 2, you may be overweight and lacking energy most of the time.
  • Maybe you’d really rather forget about the diabetes and you do the bare minimum to manage it – but that won’t make it go away.
  • And if you’re living with, or caring for, someone with either type of diabetes (especially younger people and teenagers), you’ll know their style of coping may be to try and ignore the whole issue until they end up in a worse state and desperate for help.
  • You know you need to do something different and better because you’re worried about your future health.

In the longer term, there could be severe consequences of having high average blood sugar levels for months or years, such as:

  • losing your eyesight
  • having parts of your arms or legs amputated
  • kidney damage
  • diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) leading to a coma and possibly death

Even if your blood sugar isn’t so high, medium effects could be:

  • low energy
  • poor eyesight, blurry vision
  • losing sensation in your fingers and toes
  • cramps in your legs
  • yeast infections leading to thrush
  • sore mouth
  • wounds taking a long time to heal.

So it’s VITAL you take action to control your diabetes as early as possible, and use a proven approach to reduce your blood sugar levels and achieve a state of positive health.

It’s Why I’m So Passionate About Sharing All My
Knowledge And The Experience I’ve Gained Through My Own Journey…

This is how it all started for me….

It was the summer of 2006 and I was feeling good.  I had been cycling round the city where I lived all summer and I was really fit.

However, in September 2006 I was cycling home after an evening at a pub (where I’d eaten some pub food with French fries and drunk orange juice), but I could barely move my legs to turn the pedals.

Within a few days, I could only walk slowly for about 5 minutes at a time.

I developed a variety of symptoms:

  • very low energy
  • very thirsty
  • peeing a lot
  • dry mouth
  • losing weight
  • leg cramps
  • yeast infection
  • mouth sores
  • eye sight blurry (from January 2007).

I now know that these are all classic signs of diabetes.

Through eating a healthy diet and having some energy healing, by December I was able to walk for about an hour, slowly.

In February 2007, I went skiing with a group of friends.  I did actually manage to ski reasonably well for the first couple of days, at intermediate level (blue runs).  I had previously been able to ski at advanced level (red and some black runs).

However, on the third day I fell over four times badly and was completely exhausted.  I stopped as soon as I could and went back to the hotel.

Then I took it very easy, skiing very slowly on the following days and I felt quite weak.

On the sixth day, this culminated in having a nasty ski accident where I hit someone and I was concussed for a short while.

I was taken off the slope on a snow buggy and then taken to the medical centre.

I Said I’d Been Feeling Unwell Before Then, But They Didn’t Pick Anything Up!

We flew home the next day and the following day I flew out to see friends in the USA.

I’d been feeling unwell for some time and particularly towards the end of the ski holiday.  I was sick on the morning of my flight and thought I had food poisoning.

When I arrived, my friend took one look at me and insisted on taking me to the hospital.  I thought I was just tired and jet-lagged but agreed to go the next morning, mainly to keep her happy.

It’s A Good Thing She Was So Insistent!

At the hospital, they recorded my symptoms, took a blood test and within half an hour, the doctor told me that I had diabetes.

I now know that the symptoms I had are classic signs of diabetes.  It turned out to be type 1, insulin dependent, which is unusual for an adult to get – I was 39 and it normally affects children and teenagers.

I think the combination of hotel food and having lots of fruit juice after I was sick pushed my blood sugar levels sky high.

It was quite a confusing, disorientating time for me, adjusting to having to inject myself with insulin and experiencing various transition effects –

  • my eyesight going blurry so that I needed glasses,
  • my hair falling out (not all of it, but a lot more than normal),
  • and putting on weight on my tummy, even though I was still really thin everywhere else.

My cousin, who has two children with type 1 diabetes, was very helpful and reassuring, telling me that I would soon feel a lot better. I did, which was a relief!

My full energy returned and my eyes and hair recovered.

I knew I could find a solution, so as soon as I was back home, I started researching how to get better…

As I was already into good health through supporting my body with nutrition, exercise and non-invasive treatments, I soon started researching how to reverse the diabetes.

Whilst the emergency care was great, my experience of the conventional medical advice has been quite poor, both in the UK and the USA, particularly related to diet and getting better.

My UK doctors put me on the ‘gold standard’ insulin regime with multiple daily injections (MDI), where you count carbohydrates to work out how much insulin to inject for each meal or snack, plus you have long acting insulin at night.

I now have an insulin pump, which makes taking insulin much easier and I can control my blood sugar more easily with very small doses of insulin that is infused through a cannula (small plastic tube) into my body very slowly.

I am also looking at ways to reverse or even cure the diabetes.  This is well documented for type 2, even though most conventional doctors still don’t recognise it!  There are also a few examples where people with type 1 have been able to come off external insulin and maintain normal blood sugar levels, as they were producing their own insulin again!

It Would Have Been SO Much Better If I’d
Had My Condition Diagnosed Earlier. 

I had had very poor experience of conventional doctors and medicine before I got diabetes, so I didn’t have much confidence in them.  This was why I didn’t go to the doctor once I started to get the symptoms such as very low energy and being very thirsty. .

So, if you have any undiagnosed conditions, please make sure that you get a diagnosis.  Then it would be much easier for you to target what type of treatment would be appropriate.

Before I was diagnosed, I had lost a lot of weight and was very skinny (I had been quite slim to start with).  Once I started on insulin and I was eating lots to put back the weight I had lost pre-diagnosis, I did put on a lot of weight, but it was all round my middle – the rest of me was still skin and bones – so much so that at a party, two women even asked if I was pregnant!  (I wasn’t…)

So, I enrolled on an exercise programme at a gym.  This exercise programme included a very strict fat and protein diet along with intense strength building exercise. I did this for four weeks and at one point, I was able to reduce my night-time long acting insulin from 8 to 6 units and I only needed 1 or 2 units of short acting insulin during the day. I also managed to gain muscle and lose fat from my tummy.

From this, I had a ‘eureka’ moment and realised that by reducing the amount of starchy carbohydrates I ate, I could reduce the amount of insulin I needed and the amount of variation in my blood sugar levels, so keeping the average lower.

Hence, my key strategy to managing good blood sugar control is only to eat a relatively small amount of carbohydrates at each meal and for snacks. It was a breakthrough for me when I discovered this and it removed a lot of the uncertainty and roller coaster blood sugar levels that I had before then.

Since then, I have used the same approach I used for my overall health, i.e. believing that I can get better from diabetes and being proactive and persistent to find out how .

I’ve applied most of what I’ve learnt, with very good success, as I have achieved healthy blood sugar levels.  I am always finding new avenues to explore with promising treatments, techniques and lifestyle changes.

After the first few months of diabetes and being diagnosed, I got back to being super healthy, apart from the diabetes.

Initially, I gained weight because of the insulin and had to buy new clothes to fit and hide my expanded waistline, which I wasn’t happy about.

With a healthy diet and targeted exercise, I am stronger, I reached my ideal weight and I have a nearly flat tummy.  My friends and family often remark that I look very well and am glowing!

So I’m Delighted To Be Able To Help YOU Achieve Your Ideal Health. 

I Use A Similar Approach To The One I’ve Used For Myself, And Your Results Will Be Much Quicker!

My mission is to help you improve your health and be free of diseases and chronic conditions by using a holistic approach, natural treatment methods and alternative health techniques, improving your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Using this pro-active approach is so much more empowering, and the first step in your journey towards reducing your diabetes symptoms.

Imagine how you will feel when you take control of your health and well-being, under the guidance of someone who has been through the same symptoms you’re experiencing – someone who KNOWS how you’re feeling.

And you’ll be secure in the knowledge that everything you’ll be doing has already been proven to work, so you won’t be fumbling around in the dark trying to find a “magic” formula or risking your well-being with some way-out wacky alternative idea, unsubstantiated with any form of proof.

Whether your diabetes has turned your life upside-down, or had a somewhat lesser impact overall, you’ll be trying to make the adjustments to cope with this condition and may feel all the information you’re getting from different sources is threatening to overwhelm you!

Well, you can rest assured everything you need to know is right here!  I’ve done a huge amount of research and testing since I was first diagnosed, and have gathered together an immense treasure trove of proven holistic, healthy ways for you to manage your condition and reduce your blood sugar levels.

In other words, you’ll get your life back!

Yes, together we’ll get you into a healthy lifestyle, and you’ll be making positive changes to balance your life and bring your blood sugars back in line – so YOU’RE in control.

“So How On EARTH Are We Going To DO That Katherine?”

Listen, I’ve done it and I KNOW it works…

So here’s the secret....

I’ll be giving you the 6 KEY strategies I’ve successfully used myself, strategies I can honestly say have given me back my health!

We’ll be looking in depth at each of these areas and discovering…

  • The BIGGEST single influence on your positive well-being, and how incorporating this one thing into your everyday life will give you access to a whole new way of being.
  • The EASIEST and MOST important dietary change you can make to significantly improve your health – and it’s something that will pleasantly surprise you.
  • The RIGHT type of exercise regime for your body – exercise is especially important for diabetics but finding what works for you can take a lot of trial and error, so I’ve made it easy with a clear and achievable routine you’ll enjoy following.
  • The ONE THING you MUST do to lower your stress levels, so you keep your blood pressure on an even keel, and reduce your chances of falling prey to stress-related diseases of the mind and body.
  • How to STRENGTHEN your immune system for optimum health – this is your number one ally in combating fatigue and disease and keeping you in a state of radiant health.
  • How to ENSURE you remain calm and centred throughout the programme so you gain maximum benefit and enjoy the new possibilities emerging as you continue further into the journey to optimum health and radiance.

Each one of these will have a positive effect on your condition, but only by using my synergistic approach over all these areas will you find the strength, physical and mental energy, and safe practical advice which will enable you to control your diabetes symptoms on a long-term basis, and normalise your blood sugar levels.

Plus, I will share MUCH, MUCH MORE information with you ranging from nitty-gritty-practical details on how best to manage your blood sugar levels to big-picture, cutting edge information on how to achieve the best possible results regarding your diabetes.

If you’ve tended to have constantly high blood sugar levels, take a moment to imagine how you’ll feel when you realise…

  • You’re not tired all the time, in fact you realise you’ve got much more energy than you’ve had for YEARS.
  • You’re reaching your ideal weight whilst following a healthy diet and lifestyle, rather than going on a ‘fad’ weight-loss diet.
  • You’re no longer suffering from those minor health problems that leave you feeling under par, which you know are caused by your weakened immune system.
  • You’re not visiting the bathroom so often, and going out for the day doesn’t involve the constant worry of finding public loos or dashing into department stores at inconvenient moments!
  • You can stop worrying about suffering from long term complications of diabetes such as losing your sight, losing a limb or kidney failure.
  • You can live healthily to a ripe old age, rather than dying prematurely.
  • Your friends remark on how well you look and you can tell them with delight how you’ve HALVED your insulin dependency (for type 1) or got off other diabetes medications (for type 2).

How MASSIVE an achievement will that be?

And what differences will it make to your everyday life and routine?

And if you are have type 2 diabetes, you may be able to REVERSE your symptoms altogether – how amazing will that feel?  Just think about returning a state of health where you’re not spending your all your time monitoring your blood sugar levels or suffering with poor eyesight or numbness in your fingers and toes!


A few people type 1 diabetes have been able to become free of needing external insulin whilst maintaining normal blood sugar levels…

… and you may be able to do this too!

Imagine how great it would be not to have to stick any more needles into your body for insulin injections or for insulin pump set changes, plus not to have any more hypos or worrying about DKA or long term complications!

But it’s not easy to do it by yourself.  Some of my cutting edge information is difficult to find, even with the internet!  Like me, you could spend so much time on research and experimentation, taking one step forward and two steps backwards trying to juggle all the balls at the same time and using yourself as a human guinea pig.

Far easier to join a programme which has been tried, tested and proven to reduce the symptoms of diabetes – my story stands as testament, and I “practice what I preach”!

To This End I’ve Launched A

Diabetes Holistic Health Video Course 

Specifically For People Dealing With Diabetes.

By Joining This 12-Week Video Course, You Will…

  • Learn how to take control of your diabetes and lower your blood sugar levels by addressing the causes of high blood sugar levels and supporting your body.
  • Form lasting habits which will continue to benefit you throughout your life – even when your blood sugar has normalised and you continue the healthy lifestyle, you’ll enjoy extra on-going all round health benefits which will have you bouncing with energy and wellbeing, feeling upbeat and positive in all areas of your life.
  • Have the support of the course long enough to have a doctor’s appointment with blood tests  including HbA1c – so you have the medical PROOF that this IS working for you, and will do on an on-going basis.

And You’ll Have The On-Going Incentive To Keep To Your Health Goals And Health Programme Long After The First Flush Of Enthusiasm

  • You will use SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based
  • You will also make set and work towards incremental goals, so that you will have the satisfaction and encouragement of achieving daily action steps and measurable goals.
  • You will receive a guide to developing your own action plan that you will update on a regular basis, to keep raising your standards and achievements.
  • You also get the added benefit of being able to share your experiences with other members of the group.
  • You will have public support and helpful nudges from others who have similar goals.
  • You will be encouraged to focus on the benefits of achieving your health goals so that you feel better about your health.

As A Member, You Will Receive

  • 12 Video Recordings, 1 Per Week with a series of 12 presentations based on my 6 key strategies and on other relevant topics, to build a step-by-step health plan for you. You will have access to these videos on an online membership site and you will receive your own login and password to access the site.  One new video will be automatically released each week, starting from the date that you buy the course.  The previous ones will be stored and you can watch these videos and take in the information when it’s convenient for you.  The topics covered are:

Session 1 – Mindset and Goals
Session 2 – Nutrition and Blood Sugar Management
Session 3 – Exercise
Session 4 – Relaxation and Stress Reduction
Session 5 – Supplements
Session 6 – Mental and Emotional Techniques
Session 7 – Cleansing and Detox
Session 8 – Advanced Nutrition for Healing
Session 9 – Achieving Your Ideal Weight
Session 10 – Boosting Your Immune System
Session 11 – Spirituality and Healing
Session 12 – Causes of Diabetes and Reversing Diabetes

  • A Discussion Forum where you can post and exchange comments with other members and with me – a vital part of any membership programme is interacting with other like-minded people, supporting, encouraging and sharing successes with others who are positively engaged in controlling their diabetes – the power of a peer group should never be underestimated.
  • A Health Plan Guide on setting health goals, developing an action plan and a daily health plan – this is a guide that will give you a kick start to developing a healthy lifestyle and setting and achieving your health goals – you’ll refer to it over and over, drawing inspiration and guidance from your goals and insights, following your plan and charting your progress, and re-aligning your goals as you tick off your achievements and reach bigger and bolder milestones.  The guide will include:
    • A Sample Action Plan: how to manage your diabetes and reduce your blood sugar levels – detailed information, which you can tailor to your personal circumstances, to enable you to gain maximum control and improve your health over the shortest time possible.
    • A Sample Daily Health Plan: how to follow a sensible and sustainable holistic  approach to your daily health and well-being – so you know what to do when – everything worked out in detail to fit in with your lifestyle and give you all the practical help wrapped up in a daily routine.. 
  • My “How To Achieve Normal Blood Sugar Levels” Guide: with information to guide you step-by-step towards achieving normal blood sugar levels  It’s packed with information on the holistic management of diabetes and includes the approach I use as your Coach and Health Champion.  Start following this advice immediately and you’ll be on your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
  • A Diabetes Record Diary: for monitoring your food and drink, exercise, medication and blood sugar levels – the simple and effective way to keep a check on your diet and exercise and see the correlations with your blood sugar levels.  It’s one of the basics for monitoring your body’s reaction and seeing the patterns emerge, but how many people take the time to design and implement this simple tool?  You may be amazed at just what is going on when you eat and drink certain things, and once it’s there is black and white for you to read and digest (sorry couldn’t resist the pun 😉 ) you’ll find yourself saying “Oh, NOW I understand why my blood sugars are like this…”  and “well, that’s something to be avoided next time” or “had great blood sugar levels after today’s meals so I’ll repeat those recipes again”.
  • The same applies for your exercise routines, identifying those that really suit you will become so much easier, and keeping a detailed record of how you felt on the day and a few days later will give you the bigger overall picture of what’s right for you and what emerges will be your own BESPOKE exercise routine – perfect!
  • Several coaching tools to enable you to follow the coaching process yourself, such as the Wheel of Health for clarifying the state of your health now and your priorities for improving your health, as well as the Daily Habits Tracker Log and a Daily Planner to help you keep on track with your goals and your daily actions.
  • A comprehensive resources list, recommended books that I rate highly, web links and scientific references, all pointing you towards valuable and cutting edge resources that you are unlikely to find anywhere else in one place.
  • Recipes: some of my favourite ones, including ones that I’ve developed myself, such as breakfasts and smoothies as well as healthy treats.

Just think how wonderful it will be to have everything you need to know available in one place, and how valuable all this information will be to you in your quest to control your diabetes and at the same time enjoying communicating and learning from others on the same path.  All the videos, guides, plans, resources and the forum will be on an online membership site that you will have your own access to with a login and password.  The guides, plans and diary are generally Word documents, so that you can easily write in them yourself.  The Sample Action Plan and ‘Wheel of Health’ tool are Excel documents that you can also write in.  The resources include pdf documents and many useful web links.

I am SO excited to be sharing all the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, and to have the chance to help you get immediate benefit from the holistic approach I’ve used so successfully to help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

And it will be a privilege to ensure you won’t have to spend months or even years battling to find ways to help yourself, sorting the information and dis-information and having your hopes dashed after trying different experiments on yourself to no avail, or maybe being so frustrated by all the conflicting information that you throw your hands up in despair of EVER finding ways that will work for you.

You see, I know from my own experiences how daunting a diagnosis of diabetes can be.

And even if you’ve had diabetes for years, sometimes it can be a struggle to cope day-to-day and work out a sensible and regular routine that works for YOU.

So support and contact with others in the same situation can really help you feel you’re not alone, as you can be in instant contact via the forum with people who understand and can help you.

Before joining the Diabetes Holistic Health Programme and having health coaching with Katherine, my blood sugar levels averaged 12 mmol/l and were very variable, with highs of 25 mmol/l regularly and lots of hypos without warning, down to 1.7 mmol/l.  I was overweight, tired, had no energy and my moods varied with my sugars going up and down. 

 Since having diabetes health coaching and education with Katherine, I feel a lot better, my energy levels are up and my health is fantastic!  I’ve got my blood sugars under control, I have fewer hypos and I’ve lost ½” round my waist.

– HbA1c down from 7.4% to 6.6%

– Average blood sugars (by CGM) from 12.0 to 8.2 mmol/l

– Insulin sensitivity from 2.2 to 1.8 units per 10 g

Having coaching regularly makes it easier to stick to my health programme and to see the results.  I feel a lot calmer and happier – nearly 10/10 on happiness!”

  Claire, Manchester, UK


I’m Passionate About Helping You Achieve Your Health Goals And Maintaining Them!

Through the course, I will help you to develop an action plan and support you with following it and making changes in your life to become healthier.  You will be able to manage your diabetes and achieve your health goals much more quickly, easily and effectively that you would on your own.

My approach addresses the causes of high blood sugar levels and uses natural foods and supplements along with exercise.

Through adopting this approach, you will not only have healthy average blood sugar levels but also improve your overall health, such as:

  • reducing or reversing long-term symptoms.
  • reducing the risk of major diseases such as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis
  • improving the symptoms if you already have a major disease and possibly reversing it
  • having more energy
  • being fitter and stronger
  • looking and feeling younger.

Let Me Ask You A Question…

“Did you know that lowering your blood sugar levels through medications can have a worse long term effect on your health than not using so much medication and having higher blood sugar?!”  Some diabetes drugs have serious side effects.  People with type 2 diabetes often also have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.  They end up taking drugs for those conditions, which also have side effects that can affect their well-being.

So it makes sense to find natural ways that address the causes of diabetes and high blood sugar, to super-boost your overall health as well as improving your blood sugar levels.  My natural, holistic approach to health can help to reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and other conditions related to diabetes.

With the benefit of my extensive research of the best information available and the knowledge I have acquired, plus the support from me and from the other members, you will be on the fast track to health  and you will be able to achieve results much more quickly, have lower blood sugar levels and, for some people with type 2, you may be able to reverse the diabetes in just 12 weeks

 “Oh Katherine, This Is Wonderful, It’s Just What I’ve Been Searching For –

But How Much Is All This Expert Knowledge Going To Cost Me?”

There are some other programmes for people with diabetes or other health challenges that have some of the elements of my health education and some of them get great results.  However, they are either residential programmes for a few weeks and cost thousands of dollars, or they are only offered by individuals in certain locations in the US, so you would need to live near the doctor or health practitioner and you would have to pay for individual sessions or you would have to travel to the health centre providing the programme.

If you are paying for your own healthcare directly, by taking action from what you learn, you will be able to save money on drugs and avoid expensive emergency hospital visits for severe hypos or DKA.

My 12-week video course is the ONLY comprehensive course that you can do at home (that I know of) that will give you practical guidance on how to achieve healthy blood sugar levels and have and maintain great health results  through natural and holistic methods, addressing the whole person and all aspects of their health.  

I ran a live version of this video course with group health coaching, called the Diabetes Holistic Health Programme, which cost $659 on my website.  The full price of the recorded video course is $315.  However, as a fellow person with diabetes and knowing how hard it can be to come up with all the right approaches by yourself, I have a passion to share my knowledge and reach as many people as possible to help you improve your health.  So for a limited time, I am offering the recorded video course for only $235 – a saving of $80.

The health coaching with Katherine has been very helpful, very informative.  She has helped me to find and stick to a regime that’s helped me to keep my blood sugar under control.  

 – HbA1c of 12.5% when diagnosed, down to 6.1% after coaching

– Hypos reduced from about 6 a week, to 1 or 2 a week now

Katherine has always given very practical, helpful and encouraging advice.  I would definitely recommend her as a health coach.”

  Josh, Kent, UK



Plus I want you to benefit IMMEDIATELY from…

some very special free bonuses to make the membership package even more attractive…


Downloadable video of a presentation on the “8 Steps To Radiant Health” that I gave live (about 1 hour long, value about $50)

This presentation includes my key health tips, set out and detailed so you can implement my advice into your routine as soon as you’ve watched the video – I’ve made sure I explain clearly just how you can start on your journey to radiant health without delay and the practical, holistic approach that will bring about harmony and balance in all areas of your life in the shortest time possible.


A Meditation Guide on the benefits of this wonderful practice to help you relax and contact your inner healing strength.

Quietening down the mind through meditation has documented medical benefits.  This guide will inform you of the multitude of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health benefits – this is a truly holistic health practice!

One of the key health benefits of meditation is stress reduction.  Stress is another factor that leads to higher blood sugar levels, so being able to handle stress and stay calm is really important for reducing blood sugar levels.

This guide will point you towards a simple technique that will enable you to still your mind, and gradually take you deeper into the safe and special place within, where you can bathe in all the healing energy and access the inner knowing your body and mind instinctively knows it needs.  The technique I recommend uses simple technology so that you can meditate as well as someone who has practicing for 10 years at the press of a button – you can even have a nap during the meditation and it still works!  Over time, you will instill your meditation practice into your everyday routine, so much so that you will feel peaceful and emotionally resilient, so you can easily handle any difficulties or pressures that come your way!

(6-page ebook pdf, value $15)


“How To Boost Your Immune System” guide – One of the many factors that affect blood sugar levels is whether your body is fighting an infection or you are ill.  If so, your blood sugar levels can skyrocket dramatically.

So, one way to improve blood sugar control is to boost your immune system.  In this guide, I will show you how to strengthen your immune system naturally, using a holistic approach, including diet, exercise, supplements and stress management.


Also, you can join the Diabetes Holistic Health Video Course risk-free!  

For those specially invited, you can join the programme and pay virtually nothing for 2 weeks.  Then you can experience the programme for 2 weeks before paying the balance.  You will be able to:

  • watch two video presentations,
  • download all the programme guides, record sheets and other documents, plus
  • download the bonuses and keep them all,

whether you continue with the video course or not.  I just ask that you pay $5 initially, so that your payments details are kept on record with PayPal.  Then after 14 days, you will be charged the remaining amount of $230 via ClickBank.  Once you have bought the course, you will receive an email with details of how to login to the membership site and you can watch the first video and access all the programme documents straight away.  The next video in the series will be available to you one week later and you will continue to have access to a new video every week for 12 weeks in total.


I don’t think you can put a value of achieving healthy blood sugar levels and restoring yourself to radiant health, but for the sake of showing you just how valuable this course is, just take a moment to think what you’d risk by not joining this programme…

  • Searching, gathering and sifting ALL the information and qualifying what’s good and what’s useless takes time and knowledge, and if you’ve just been diagnosed, I know from experience how much there is to take in and understand.
  • Then you’d have to use yourself as a guinea pig to try out the different suggestions, whereas I’ve done all that for you!
  • It could take months, or even years, before you gather all the parts of the puzzle together in a way that produces the most powerful and effective answer to managing your diabetes.
  • And quite frankly, some of the ideas out there could make your blood sugar worse….

So you need to be sure you’re getting your information from a safe, proven and fully researched source.

Now you may already have found out that as someone with diabetes, you face a battery of health challenges, if you don’t take measures to control your diabetes long term…

Challenges which may seriously affect your blood circulation, nervous system, renal system, eyesight…

And may result in going blind, high blood pressure, kidney problems, pain in your fingers and toes, amputations…

The list goes on…

Do you want to live with the fear of this happening to you, when you can take measures to vastly improve or even reverse your condition?

It’s not only for yourself, your family will be under pressure and subjected to the worries and frustrations you’ll feel.

I know that’s not how you want to live your life!

That’s why I’m inviting you to join my online diabetes health programme to enable you to achieve healthy, stable blood sugar levels.

But you better hurry as the special money-off offer is ONLY OPEN for a limited time.

Remember the price for your video course is only $235!

And these prices include your FREE bonuses.


Why You Risk Virtually Nothing

Join now, secure in the knowledge that you have 14 days to take in some of the information I’m offering for just $5 and to receive the initial benefits of this programme.

If at any time up to 14 days for any reason you’re unsatisfied, you can cancel your remaining payment via ClickBank and still keep the course guides and bonuses.

Conventional medicine sometimes condemns people with diabetes to a medication or high insulin dependent routine for life and some of the conventional diabetes advice even recommends a high carbohydrate diet.  Whilst the insulin regimes used nowadays are much more effective than they have been in the past and my insulin pump is a fantastic piece of medical engineering, some of what I consider to be fundamentals for good diabetes health are missing from conventional medical advice.

You see the advice to “eat starchy carbohydrates at every meal” is tied in to the drugs you’re prescribed, NOT to a positive healthy-eating regime!

But I know you can take more control of your diabetes by following a holistic health programme that nurtures your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

And as “side benefits”, you could also attain…

  • Stabilised weight – lose that “insulin tummy”
  • Glowing skin
  • Quality sleep time
  • Healthy and settled digestion
  • More stamina
  • Inner strength
  • A feeling of calm and control

Plus, if you are a woman and would like to have children, you would need to get your HbA1c levels down to below 6.5% and keep them there through your pregnancy, otherwise you could risk your own health and the health of your child.  If you weren’t able to do this, you would never have the joy of giving birth to your own children…

You owe yourself this opportunity to optimise your health so make sure you join my membership programme right away, and get yourself on the road to recovery now!

If you have any queries, you can contact me here.

I look forward to giving you the gift of radiant health and control over your diabetes.

To your good health,
Katherine, your Health Champion

P.S.  Remember, you can experience the 12-week video course for 14 days for a nominal payment so you risk virtually nothing by signing up.

Remember the price for the video course is only $235!

And these prices include your FREE bonuses.